Welcome to Fabnite

Published on 9 Dec 2022
Welcome to Fabnite
By Team Fabnite

Fabnite is a brand new service where you can explore, discover and buy tickets for events and exciting experiences near you, or in places you plan to visit.

Tickets you purchase will be available in the Fabnite-app (coming soon), on our website and will be emailed to you. Should something unforeseen occur, such as a change of time, place or perhaps a cancellation, you will immediately receive updates about this.

Be inspired

On Fabnite, you will also find inspiring content about subjects you are interested in, and get personal recommendations about events, places and artists.

Become member of a customer club

One of the things that sets Fabnite apart from similar services is that you have direct access to a number of organisers' customer clubs. As a member of these clubs, you will be able to get discounted tickets and other benefits - completely free of charge. 

Vestfold first out

Fabnite is made from Sandefjord in Vestfold and Telemark county, and as a natural consequence of this has entered into an agreement with Artyfy Event as the first organiser. First up are selected concerts in Sandefjord, then both Tønsberg and Larvik will be available.

In time, we will also enter into cooperation with more organizers and launch in other cities in Norway. Our ambition is for Fabnite to become a national service, and eventually also international.

This is just the beginning

Fabnite is under constant development and will in the future launch a number of exciting new functions and services. When we launch something new, we will inform you about it, so just follow along!