Purchase Policy

Fabnite AS (Norwegian Company Register 924 028 971 MVA), hereby referred to as Fabnite, acts as a seller of tickets on behalf of many different organizers. When you buy tickets through Fabnite, you enter into an agreement with Fabnite, not the organizer, for the purchase and delivery of the ticket(-s).

This means that it is Fabnite's responsibility to deliver the tickets you buy, while the organizer is responsible for the execution and quality of the event.

When you buy tickets through Fabnite, you also accept our terms of use.

Ticket prices and availability

It is the organizer, not Fabnite, who sets the ticket price for their events and who determines the number of tickets offered for sale.

Fabnite does not work with third party distributors of tickets and we sell all tickets through our own official sales channels which are the website fabnite.com and the Fabnite app.

Service fees

Fabnite's service fees vary as these are calculated from the ticket price.

Accepted payment methods

In Fabnite's sales channels, you can pay with VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Apple Pay and Google Pay. Fabnite uses Stripe as its payment provider.

Both our website and the Fabnite app are secured with SSL technology, comply with national and international security standards, and are PCI compliant. If you choose to save your card details in your profile, these are not stored by Fabnite in any way, but by Stripe. Your personal and card information are encrypted to avoid misuse.

Delivery of tickets

Tickets are delivered immediately after payment to the email address you provide at the time of purchase. By default, we use the email address you enter in your user account under contact information.

You can also find all purchased tickets by logging into your account on the fabnite.com website or in the Fabnite app.

Special terms for festivals

In cases where you have bought tickets for a festival consisting of various individual performances, the organizer has the opportunity to make changes to the festival program, including changes to which artists perform during the festival. Such changes can occur close to the event date and this does not give the right to reimbursement, refund or cancellation of the ticket purchase.

The organizer must endeavor to handle any changes in such a way that a full-fledged festival experience is still offered.

Canceled or rescheduled event

An event may be canceled or rescheduled. This is something the organizer reserves the right to do. If an event is canceled or rescheduled, the tickets will be refunded according to the organizer's regulations. If an event is rescheduled, the tickets are still valid and can be used on the new date.


Fabnite carries out any refunds on behalf of the organizer. If you, as a ticket buyer, are entitled to a refund, for whatever reason, service fees you have paid to Fabnite will not be refunded, as our service was provided in connection with the actual ticket purchase.

It is always important to make sure that you have chosen the correct tickets before the purchase is completed. Fabnite cannot, on behalf of the organizer, refund tickets that have already been purchased or exchange these for other tickets.

Right of cancellation

According to Norwegian law, there is no right of cancellation on tickets for cultural and sports events, even if the tickets have been bought online. Fabnite is therefore not obliged to refund your purchase if you are unable to use the tickets or if you regret the purchase, unless the organizer makes an exception for you. All inquiries about canceling purchases are therefore referred to the organizer.

Denial of access to the event

The organizer has the right to deny people access to the event, or to remove any person from the event for security reasons. Unacceptable behavior that may cause injury to other persons or property, disorderly conduct and breach of terms and conditions may result in expulsion from the event without the right to a refund.

Force Majeure

Fabnite's obligations and the organizer's obligations towards the ticket buyers in this purchase policy, including the organizer's responsibility for executing the event, including the ticket buyer's possible right to reimbursement and financial compensation, lapse if the event is wholly or partially affected by a Force Majeure situation before or during the event.

Force Majeure means any cause beyond Fabnite's and/or the organizer's control, of which the organizer or Fabnite could not reasonably have considered, avoided or overcome. For example, and not exhaustively; war, riots, terrorism, major disease outbreak, fire, flood, strike, weather, national security orders or instructions from national or local authorities.

Disputes and applicable law

Disputes that arise as a result of the use of Fabnite's services, including this purchase policy, shall be regulated by Norwegian law with the Vestfold district court as the court of jurisdiction.


If you have any questions regarding purchased tickets, please contact us by emailing support@fabnite.com. All inquiries are answered as quickly as possible.

Last updated 30 November at 12:00