Terms of Use

By using or visiting our sales channels (the fabnite.com website or the Fabnite app), you accept our Terms of Use. If you violate these terms, Fabnite may exclude you from our sales channels and/or report you to the authorities.

Maximum amount of tickets per customer

In Fabnite, most events have a limit on the number of tickets each customer can buy. The limit is published on the purchase page and is checked with each purchase. This is done in order to prevent unfair ticket purchase practices.

If Fabnite identifies a breach of these limits, either by a single user or a group of users (using several payment cards or if several members of the same household buy tickets), or via the use of automated methods to buy tickets, we reserve the right to cancel such purchases.

Interfering external tools

The use of external tools/software to monitor or interfere with our sales channels, or to purchase tickets through our sales channels is prohibited. By using our sales channels, you agree that you may not use any external tools, software or any automated method that may interfere with the functionality of our sales channels or to purchase tickets.

You understand and accept that Fabnite AS can ban you from its sales channels if you abuse or violate any of our terms without prior warning. In serious cases, Fabnite AS may take legal action to compensate for financial loss or damage.

Changes to the these terms

Fabnite AS reserves the right to change these terms.

Last updated 30 November at 12:00